Wild devotion begins today
With everything I do or say
How I greet the morning sun
What I do when prayers are done
Wild devotion begins today
In bowing to the cosmic play
In saying yes to rain or fire
And more devotion when I tire
In saying yes to sleep and rest
With every breath another test
And every test a joyous bow
For Wild devotion begins right now
Wild devotion begins with love
For every kiss and every shove
For every mood an equal smile
For pain and fame have equal guile
And when I live in Wild devotion
Bliss is found within commotion
And Wild devotion begins in bliss
To find it not is to be remiss
Of my dream for Wild devotion
To redefine the small emotion
Until it bursts from spark to flame
Illuminating God’s sweet name
So every miracle is clear
And only Grace is what I hear
All for Love for Love did give
All the joy that lets me live
So give it all to Wild devotion
And dive with joy into God’s Ocean
For every single breath and fear
All of it will disappear
The only trace will be devotion
Fueled by God’s deepest emotion
So when I die may I remember
Wild devotion and to surrender
Forget disease forget promotion
Surrender all to Wild devotion
And all that I don’t understand
I will assume is God’s sweet plan
And God’s sweet plan is pure emotion
Glorified to Wild devotion
And Wild devotion begins today
In everything I do and say





copyright 2006 Pete McCormack