Sunday, September 18/2006
9:08 AM



Gossip is a chatter I do
That buries my soul in matter and goo
Words that dig a polluted groove
From which it’s very hard to move
Building a story of lies around me
An army of ego that soon surrounds me
So cunningly I cannot see
The lies I tell are really me
I feel them in my head today
Demons of gossip, lies and hearsay
That I have stolen and repeated
So everyone involved is cheated
And here is the most curious thing
I can say them so they almost sing
And spray them all with explanation
That almost perfumes the defamation
But it is in fact a rotten seed
That plays upon some rotten need
A twisted coil of ignorance and lies
That puts all beauty in disguise
So I’m sorry Jane and Bob and Lori
For twisting you into some story
That limits all you long to be
It speaks less of you and more of me
So I ask you, Lord, take my projection
And replace it with Divine connection
That stops me before these lies unravel
For words get twisted when they travel
So help me, love, to not be a liar
Help me live instead my true desire
To hear as if we are the soul
In turn will serve to make me whole
For in matter every sense will try
To make me gossip and make me lie
Please don’t let these lies define me
When with love they can refine me
And let me start again with care
That all my words may be a prayer
On behalf of Bob and Jane and Lori
That I may see in them Your glory
In love and honour and gratitude
That speaks with sweeter magnitude
That treats all souls as I long to be
A soul in love eternally



copyright 2006 Pete McCormack