Seeking the You I could be
You dance so mysteriously
In the guise of sweet angels
In the guise of the street
O Goddess of beauty
I bow at your feet
I run with heart pounding
I cry and I yearn
I watch a new vision
Of You take her turn
Pulling my senses
Pulled by the view
Why do I struggle?
When all of it’s You
Fragments of beauty
Wildly turning
In madness and joy
What beautiful learning
Lord, free this emotion
Un-bottle this brew
Help me give it to all
What I give to so few
Caged and conditioned
It’s well understood
What I believed was so deep
Was more shallow than good
For the Source of my being
Is love never-ending
And seeing it so
Is soul-ly depending
On giving and giving
With all of my being
And believing that God
Is all I am seeing
But believing that God
Is all that I see
Is different than thinking
God must be me
But forget that for now
It’s a pointless dead-ender
That keeps me from smiling
Let alone surrender
So carry on, love!
Carry on, friend!
And when you can’t feel it
You can always pretend
Imagine yourself
An unstoppable potion
Of blissfully fearless
Wondrous emotion
Call on the angels
To remind you all day
To carry that love
In all that you say
Continue the practice
Continue the learning
And never abandon
Being discerning
Which is learning to see
Your bad days as teachers
And sometimes watching it
All from the bleachers
But even from there
The key to emotion
Is not in applause
But in your devotion
The world that you see
Will try to dissuade you
Let it instead
Begin to persuade you
All of the visions
All of the yearns
Are fragments of God
Dancing in turns
Dancing and dancing
Spinning your dreams
To remind us this world
Is not as it seems
So remember this body
Is not your soul
Or the miser inside you
Will horde what he stole
Rise up, dear lover!
Rise up and shout!
Don’t ration your passion
Toss out your doubt!
The river is flowing
Beyond what we see
The river is God
Within you and me
I know the feeling
Of miserly hate
Tickle its meanness
Cuddle its fate
Don’t chain your feelings
To one or two lovers
Give it to all of your
Sisters and brothers
I know it sounds crazy
Even illegal
But to horde it is criminal
To share it is regal
What else can be done
With a body that’s fleeting?
But to abandon the Self?
Now that’s Self-defeating
And if you and your lover
Are truly evolving
Your lover is also
The riddle you’re solving
I know it seems
Impossibly tough
Most days I’m struggling
And painfully gruff
But my deepest desire
Is love never-ending
To love all the time
Even if I’m pretending
For imagination is so much
Greater than knowledge
These are the dreams
You won’t learn in college
But they build up the truth
While we learn to ascend
To take in God’s love
Which loves to descend
And if some days
You feel far apart
Remember God’s also
Deep in your heart
So use this world
For the soul that you’re mending
For mending your soul
Is soul-ly depending
On seeing this world
With all of your being
And knowing that God
Is all that you’re seeing



copyright 2006 Pete McCormack