“....a superfluity of songwriting talent...a legitimate heir to the Canadian storyteller legacy established by Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell.”
—The Georgia Straight



1. Wide Open  play
2. Learning How God Loves  play
3. Jean Paul Sartre  play
4. Mr Neanderthal and the Ghosts of Love play
5. Naked Love   play
6. Ever-Blessed  play
7. Shark Attack play
8. Shine (Beautiful Woman) play
9. Reaching Out   play
10. Little Dreamer   play

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These ten songs are acoustic guitar and vocal versions done on the way to making a CD amidst everything else that's going on in my life.

This might remain as the CD, but I might yet add a few tablas, harmoniums and big, fat snare drums (oh yeah, and sexy background vocals).

I could offer a few notes, like explaining a chant or two, in the middle of pop and jazz, but maybe I'll just link to the blogs when I wrote about them.

Maybe tomorrow.

The songs, for the record, were recorded in December, 2006 at Bakerstreet Studios in North Vancouver—the wonderful Paul Baker calmly behind the board doing his magic.

The inimitable Robbie Steininger, who is always worth the price of admission, played acoustic guitar.

Meanwhile I, in a booth off in a corner, on my own, with a cold, sang.

I redid the vocals with an hour here and there in the studio over the next few weeks.

I've loved having the songs completely bare, and having people download them and sell them for large profits in Thailand and even Sweden.

Some of the songs were written after a break up with a monkey that stole my hat.

The rest are verging or unabashedly devotional, to the God of countless names and genders, love, service, relationship compassion, sex, gratitude, wonder, cosmology, astronomy, my beloved and all my sisters and brothers—man, it's great and very unlonely having a family of over 6 billion, not including pets.

I have been wildly inspired ecumenically by the mystic traditions of the world, wherever they are found—they are the pulse of life between and surrounding humans and this journey—and often specifically by the Vedic teachings of India, from which I've learned so much in the last few years, with great thanks to Jeffrey Armstrong, a veritable encyclopedia of Eastern wisdom and Western fun.

I have been incredibly well loved.

Here's to Naked Love—may we all, daily, love more.


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copyright 2006 Pete McCormack