September 26, 2006
1:21 AM


"It really came together when mom sang along..."
—The Partridge Family

Despite trepidation and fear of my half-finished demo tapes being out there in the ether, I've put this li'l page together in gratitude and affection for all my sisters and brothers at TGIF.

With my workload in film and writing over the last few years, I really don't know how much I would have kept plugging away at songs and performing without your amazing grace and enthusiasm.

In other words, it's all your fault.

In particular I blame Jeffrey, of course, for his relentless dream that people, all people, may learn to see each other as souls.

If you guys keep harassing me with love, I may yet get another CD made. In the meantime, I hope these demo versions give some pleasure (and inspire your creations). Thank you a million times over for even asking.

I'll start with Understanding Ken, because a spontaneous reading in the show the other night was just too much fun (09/15/06).

For those that don't know, this is an excerpt from my second novel (Understanding Ken) about a kid from Canada, circa 1973, struggling with his parents' divorce. After a terrible Christmas, he's going down to Spokane in the U S of A for a hockey tournament, where everything is bigger and brighter.

1.) Understanding Ken play


2.) Ever-Blessed play

Ever-blessed was recorded in my writing space upstairs in Vancouver. My wonderfully talented friend Marty is playing guitar—his playing is featured extensively on both the Trust and Breathe CDs.

3.) Little Dreamer play

This is a song I haven't played for you live, because it's on the piano, and I can't make my guitar sound like a piano. I don't really play piano, in fact, but I gave it a shot here. I wrote it in Seattle with my niece Madison in mind, already at thirteen a beautiful soul.

4.) Wide Open play

Live off the floor at home, with an extra guitar, and it accidentally leaves out a few words "...wide open, to receive, any song, sung by you..." and "this is the song I want to sing, these are the words I need to speak, we are all one yet so unique..." Whadda ya gonna do? I sing it live later on, and screw up words there too. You guys have given me a lot of love with this ol' chestnut. It almost seems like a hit when I sing it for you.

5.) Naked Love play

This is a song I wrote for my beloved Samantha, and played for her on her 30th birthday (I was 102 at the time) in a smoldering hot family wagon with a CD player at the fantastic Wilson's in Calabassas CA—the day after a concert I played there. Amongst old and new friends, the whole weekend was perfect.

6.) Learning How God Loves play

You can keep the Church and the State out of the bedroom, but not that rascally God(dess), garl darnit. Sandi's favourite, and I love her for it—and for her 5 AM high-octane chai, the incredible cooking and love she puts into TGIF, and her teaching me about not backing up. And speaking of love, where would TGIF be without devi Richelle?


And a few songs from the concert the other night recorded live on the world's tiniest bootleg mic (09.15.06).

Mr. Neanderthal is a little older than the rest, resurrected mostly by Sue's insistence. I also left out one crucially important line: "I'm eating toast and marmalade with the ghosts of love." You'd think I barely rehearse.

7.) Mr. Neanderthal and the Ghosts of Love play
8.) Reaching Out (for Love in Your Name) play
9.) Wide Open play


And a few of the songs off my CDs that I sometimes sing.

10.) Wise Old Lady of Love play
11.) Be Brave Tonight play
12.) Blue play

Blue was written during the first Gulf War, about never abandoning joy.

Speaking of which, thanks for your love. Keep writing, creating, dreaming, please—it's a remarkable buffer against the madness of the evening news and the whims of cruel idiots, who just don't know yet.

Read Breathing and Trusting for a little about the music journey. Plus there's an interview on the creative process and reflections on my spiritual journey (although if it's teaching you're after, in particular from a Vedic (Hinduism) perspective, Jeffrey's your guy—an endless wealth of insight and knowledge).



copyright 2006 Pete McCormack