Man, I haven't updated this for a long time. What's new? Well, just finishing Facing Ali: Ten Champions Tell Their Side of the Story. Great experience. Got to meet so many cool, fiery legendary fighters. What was great is you really see the nuances of individuals, what shapes them, and also—like for all of us—the steady march of time.

The film (100 min) should be completely done at the end of March, for late April-ish release. Sometime this year there will be a shorter version for TV.

I've also done a few (very) short films lately. You can see a bunch of my work at my youtube page, Petemccormack2: a piece about incredibly courageous women from a refugee camp in Farchana, Chad—The Farchana Manifesto; a video for Wide Open; one on Corruption in India with medical schools and one for a song called Ever-blessed, with footage from South India, and the wondrous people I met there.

And for those who haven't seen it, there's a useful piece I did of a friend of mine from Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) giving a ten-minute overview of the conflict/social catastrophe in Darfur (Darfur In Ten Minutes).

That's about it, off the top of my head. Writing as much as possible, posting stuff on my blog, a few new essays and poems. What a wild epoch we live in.

Love to you—and good luck...

Pete xo


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